We get message TS0017I when we start the CA Mainframe Application Tuner started task.


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CA Mainframe Application Tuner


We get the following messages when starting MATUNER.




TN1010I CA MAT Server Space START complete <MATUNER >

TS0020I CA MAT Synchronous Data Gatherer Harvesting has been activated. MATUNER START

TS0003I CA MAT Token = 1200D1B48E88A94FAB94B923B5000000010A0002

TN0026I Global Information File update in progress (V11INC02)

TS0028E CA MAT Synchronous Data Gatherer Target location is incorrect or has changed. MATUNER START

TS0017I CA MAT Synchronous Data Gatherer PLNT service halted. Return code 00000010 0000F005 MATUNER START

TS0003I CA MAT Token = A5F7FFFEEBECD0080024B90400CFC0A000000E65

TS0019I CA MAT Synchronous Data Gatherer command processing completed. MATUNER START EDB2

TN3431I Harvester command processed for: START,EDB2,DB2E3


(The same for both other DB2s.


DB2 is V11R1.


CA Mainframe Application Tuner 11.0DB2 V11R1


This message can occur if there is no IPL performed when switching between DB2 releases?  This message indicates that either there is a mismatch between the releases or we encountered something that we did not expect.

Let us know if you had IPLed after switching to version 11.  When the return code is 00000010 0000F005, this is not a problem.  This means we encountered an intercept already in place.  

If you previously had CA Mainframe Application Tuner (MAT) up with this DB2, then having the intercept in place is normal and this can be ignored.  If however this is the first start of CA MAT after an IPL, or a restart of DB2 and CA MAT then this is a problem.