Getting a message ‘Unable to validate login’, RC = -1 when trying to login to CA Automation Point Notification Manager


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CA Automation Point


When logging into the CA Automation Point Notification Manager website, you get the following error:

NmRequest.validateLogin(Exception): UseNmGateway: Not connected to NM gateway server.
Error = loadServerVector: No hosts defined in the configuration property file. (RC = -1)


The order of importing a previously saved configuration, during the installation of CA Automation Point and Apache Tomcat, was incorrect because the Apache Tomcat was not yet installed during the import. The apwebsvx.xml file, in the Apache Tomcat configuration folder, was not updated.


CA Automation Point Base - WINDOWS SVR PLATFORMS Release:11.5Windows Server 2008/2012


To correct the problem, these steps are needed:

  1. Start the CA Automation Point (AP) Configuration Manager
  2. Select Expert Interface, Infrastructure, Web Services
  3. Disable Notifications
  4. Stop Apache Tomcat via the Apache Tomcat icon on the task bar or via the Windows Services application
  5. Enable the Notifications again in the CA AP Configuration Manager Web Services panel
  6. And finally, restart Apache Tomcat via the Apache Tomcat icon on the task bar or via the Window Services Application

Log into the CA AP Notification Manager website


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