SPC-OCA-10384: The user running the parent server does not have a user model in the local landscape


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I have multiple SpectroSERVER landscapes (Distributed SpectroSERVER environment) on Linux or Solaris platforms. All SpectroSERVERs are running and I can see alarms on OneClick Console. However, when I go to OneClick Web Console -> Administration -> Landscapes page I see the following error, i.e.

   SPC-OCA-10384: The user running the parent server does not have a user model in the local landscape

<Please see attached file for image>

SPC-OCA-10384 error

And the following critical "CONNECTION TO LANDSCAPE CANNOT BE ESTABLISHED" alarm (Cause Code = 0x10c24) is shown on OneClick Console.

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"Connection to Landscape Cannot be Established" Alarm


This issue normally caused by running SpectroSERVER process using 'root' user instead of 'spectrum' user. Run 'ps -ef | grep -i spectro' to check if the SpectroSERVER process is owned by 'root' user or other user instead of 'spectrum' user (You can check the value of 'initial_user_model_name' parameter in $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc file to check for the 'spectrum' user). If so then do the steps below to resolve the problem. 


Linux or Solaris platforms


1. Launch Spectrum Control Panel using 'root' or other user who is currently owning the SpectroSERVER process. Stop SpectroSERVER process gracefully by clicking [Stop SpectroSERVER] button.

2. Change the ownership of VNM.OUT, RCPD.OUT etc. under $SPECROOT/SS directory back to 'spectrum' user using 'chown' command. Make sure when you run 'ls -l' under $SPECROOT/SS directory all files and directories are owned by 'spectrum' user except the SpectroSERVER file. The SpectroSERVER file should be owned by 'root' user and have the following attributes

-rwsr-x---   1 root     spectrum     12841 Nov 21 01:16 SpectroSERVER

3. Launch Spectrum Control Panel using 'spectrum' user and start SpectroSERVER process by clicking [Start SpectroSERVER] button.

Additional Information

Please also reference knowledge document KB000044600 "Spectrum Archive Manager fails to start with no user model error" located at https://comm.support.ca.com/kb/spectrum-archive-manager-fails-to-start-with-no-user-model-error/KB000044600


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