Adminui Crashing Intermittently on Solaris
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Adminui Crashing Intermittently on Solaris


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12.52 SP1 CR5 Adminui on Linux/Solaris is stopping unexpectedly.


SiteMinder Policy Server Version:12.52.105 Build 2113 Policy Server OS & Bit version:Solaris 10 64bits AdminUI Version: AdminUI Server OS & Bit version:Solaris 10 64bits


The root cause of the Adminui stopping unexpectedly is that the process is not running in the background. If you are running the script : /bin/ the adminui will start but once you will do CTRL+C or terminate your telnet session, your adminUI will stop


Please apply below steps to prevent the Adminui from getting killed on exit:

1) In siteminder/adminui/bin/ directory run:

# ./

2) Hit "ctrl+z" to pause the program and get back to the shell;

sample output:

[1]+  Stopped                 ./

3) Type "bg" command to run it in the background :

# bg

sample output:

[1]+ ./ &


4) Type below disown command for our job to keep from stopping on exit.

# disown -h %1


You should be in a bash environment