CA Ideal Batch job failing with IDADCMDP02E Command invalid


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CA Ideal


A CA Ideal batch job gets the following error:

IDADCMDP02E - Command invalid or incomplete starting at "SIGNON"


This error is usually returned when CA Ideal is running with External Security activated for signon (SECRTY=Y in SC00OPTS) 
To determine the current setting for SC00OPTS in the CUSLIB, run DBCGSPR to generate the source from the SC00OPTS load module.


Batch Ideal jobs


If SECRTY parameter is set to Y in SC00OPTS, then the SIGNON card is no longer required, so it must be removed. 

Additional Information

Enabling External Security section of Ideal documentation states:

The CA Ideal™ for CA Datacom® SIGNON statement no longer determines the identity of a batch user since the user ID is passed to the external security package in the JCL. .