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Datacom Server address space fails to start because of TCP/IP errno 111


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Datacom/AD Datacom/Server


The Datacom Server STC/job fails to start and returns the following error messages:

DSV00119E - TCP/IP startup time limit exceeded                   
DSV00119E - bind failed. errno = 111, EDC5111I Permission denied.
DSV00120E - TCP/IP startup failed see DSV00119E for 


Datacom Server running with PROTOCOL=BOTH or PROTOCOL=TCP


TCP/IP errno 111 usually means that the TCPIP port being used by Datacom Server (TCPIP_PORT=nnnn SYSIN parameter, 5465 is the default value) is already bound or restricted by TCP/IP.


  1. Z/OS command "D TCPIP,procname,NETSTAT,CONN,PORT=nnnn" (or TSO command “netstat conn (port nnnn”) can be used to check if the port number specified in Datacom Server parameter TCPIP_PORT is already in use.
  2. If the above command shows that the Datacom Server port is not in use, the Z/OS command “D TCPIP,procname,NETSTAT,PORTL,PORT=nnnn” (or TSO command netstat portl (port nnnn”) can be used to check if the port has been reserved to a different job/STC in TCPIP PROFILE dataset.
  3. If the port nnnn is not reserved in PROFILE dataset, then check the BPXPRMxx member of Z/OS PARMLIB to verify the ports being reserved here.

Additional Information

CA-Sysview IPPORTS command provides the complete list of the reserved ports, the ones defined in PROFILE dataset and the ones reserved in BPXPRMxx member.

If the port isn’t used or reserved, set TRACEON=YES on Datacom Server SYSIN cards and restart the Server; then open a new CA Support case and provide the complete Datacom Server joblog, along with a screenshot of the NETSTAT commands (or the CA-Sysview IPPORTS one).