Extremly long init, process doesn't finish execution


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


We have a deployment that has been stopped because it was running far too long.

  • The Init process took 7 hours.
  • The execution itself for more than 24 hours.
  • It was interrupted in the end manually on noticing release state unfinished and running for long hours.


On analysis we see the error in the logs.

Agent Logs:

2017-03-31 15:27:33,094 [New I/O client worker #1-2] ERROR (com.nolio.nimi.comm.impl.nettysupport.BasicHandler:57) - NimiConnectionImpl

lastAccessedTime=1490966853094}:java.lang.IllegalStateException: FAT not created

java.lang.IllegalStateException: FAT not created

            at com.nolio.nimi.persistency.filepersister.PersistencyFile.setPosition(PersistencyFile.java:613)

            at com.nolio.nimi.persistency.filepersister.PersistencyFile.deleteEntryInFileTable(PersistencyFile.java:336)


            at com.nolio.nimi.persistency.filepersister.PersistencyFile.delete(PersistencyFile.java:193)






Release Automation: 6.2Agent: Windows Server


Agent logs may be overwritten with lot of such error and we may lost the data and actual cause of the issue. The first occurrence of this issue is very informative which reflect that the above error occurred due to not having enough disk space.

2017-03-30 23:31:45,578 [HealthMonitor] ERROR (com.nolio.nimi.persistency.filepersister.PersistencyFile:101) - problem creating new fat file


java.io.IOException: There is not enough space on the disk


Make sure there is enough space on the agent server and re-ran the deployment.