JCL to FTP PTFs from Gen Website to MVS
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JCL to FTP PTFs from Gen Website to MVS


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There are multiple PTFs for the z/OS platform for Gen 8.5.  They are no longer consolidated per IBM SMP/e product.  It is tedious to download the needed PTFs individually when multiple ones are needed.  This JCL will eliminate the step to download to the PC and then upload to z/OS by using the FTP process.


z/OS and Gen Website


If needed, go to supportconnect.ca.com and follow info to "Register Now" to get you a UID and PSWD.  

Below is the JCL to retrieve PTFs from our website directly to your mainframe.  Add a job card.  It is case sensitive so be mindful.  Substitute the email address for yours.  You can retrieve multiple PTFs in one run by adding multiple GET cards (last entry below).   PTF RO70569 is demonstrated here as an example only.


//*To FTP the TEXT or PACKED file directly to the mainframe:              

//* 1.Replace * TCPIP dataset * with your TCPIP dataset name.             

//* 2.Replace * email address * with your valid email address.            

//* 3.Replace * PTFHOLD dsn * with a valid z/OS data set name. The data   

//*   setwill becreated ifit does not already exist.                      


//* 4.Update 'GET' with the file name that you are downloading.           

//* 5.To FTP a binary file, change asc to bin and LR=80 to LR-1024.       

//FTPSTEP  EXEC PGM=FTP,REGION=0M,PARM=' (TIME 40'                        

//SYSPRINT DD   SYSOUT=*                                                  

//OUTPUT   DD   SYSOUT=*                                                  

//INPUT    DD *                                                           



[email protected]                                                            

cd /apars/d19/pCGHE/r8.5/oOS                                              



locsite CYL primary=001 secondary=001                                     

locsite recfm=FB  lrecl=80  blksize=0          

get RO70569.BIN 'MYTSOID.FTPPTF(RO70569)'  (rep