smobjimport creates “siteminder <OID>� on migrating policy data
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smobjimport creates “siteminder <OID>� on migrating policy data


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


When migrating Policy data from earlier version of Policy Server to newer version such as r12.52 SP1, smobjimport utility is used.


After importing an SMDIF file to r12.5x policy store, siteminde super user is duplicated, and the imported super user is renamed to such “siteminder <OID>”.


Example of smobjimport execution:

# smobjimport  -imypolicy.smdif  -dsiteminder  -wpassword  -f  -a   -c


Policy Server 12.5, 12.6OS: All


The behavior is as designed. To resolve the duplication, you may delete the imported and renamed super user. See the Resolution.


 Delete the the imported and renamed super user.


1.Open the command prompt / shell on the Policy Server.


2.Navigate the file system  to the <PS Install Dir>/bin.


3. Run XPSExplorer.


4. Locate the menu of Admin.

 Example: r12.52 SP1

"93-    Admin*"


5. Type the number, then hit ENTER. In this example, type “93”.


6. Type  'S' for Search Objects, then hit ENTER.

 Example:  S – Search Objects


 7. Locate the Admin object with the name "siteminder <OID>".  It will look something like this:

    2-CA.SM::[email protected]

             (I) Name  : "siteminder 12-407f9836-5b82-4821



 8. Confirm the Object ID for the Admin Object with the name  "siteminder <OID>".

 NOTE: (The object id prefaces “CA.SM::[email protected]”.  In the example above, the object id is “2”)


 9. Type the object id number which corresponds to the name  "siteminder <OID>", (“2”), and  then hit ENTER.


 10. Type ‘D’ to delete the selected object id, and then hit ENTER.


 11. Type 'Q' to go back,  and then 'Q' again,  and then 'Q' again (until you get the big list where it says 'MAIN MENU').


 12. Choose 'Q' again to exit XPSExplorer.