Managing "ds-pwp-account-disabled" Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) operational attribute via JNDI Connector


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When using a ConnectorXpress JNDI-DYN mapped connector to build an Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) connector the operational attribute ds-pwp-account-disabled does not appear as an attribute that can be mapped and managed.


The operational attributeĀ ds-pwp-account-disabled is not part of the account's objectclass (i.e. inetorgperson) and the attribute's value is not returned in an ldapsearch for the account unless the attribute is explicitly requested in the search.


IM 12.6.8 ConnectorXpress managing Oracle Unified Directory (OUD)


In ConnectorXpress when defining the attribute mappings for the project, since the operational attributeĀ ds-pwp-account-disabled will not appear in the drop-down list of available attributes you can explicitly type the attribute name.