Alarm counts on the Alarm Statistics page do not match the number of alarms on the SpectroSERVER.


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CA Spectrum


In some scenarios, there is a mismatch observed in the alarm count on SpectroSERVER (./show alarms -a) and the value shown in OneClick Administration -> Debugging -> Alarm Statistics page. 

Usually this problem is seen when suppressed alarms are enabled and large number of alarms are generated in short time. 



The Alarm Statistics and Alarm Table details are calculated/added in the BackEndAlarmDataModel in Spectrum. The root cause of the problem is that when Spectrum increments the alarm count while calculating the Alarm Statistics in the BackEndAlarmDataModel it was not taking a lock correctly, resulting in multi-threading problem. This was causing the same alarm to be added to the Alarm Statistics table multiple times. 


Spectrum 10.2


Restart of tomcat will reset the alarm count in the Alarm Statistics page. However, this will be correct only for a period of time. 


The fix for this problem will be available in 10.3 release. 

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Spectrum 10.2