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CA Java Transformer started task abend at startup.


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The following error message can be seen in the JES joblog:

ESF4209 Initialization failed. Correct above problems and restart FSS 

The SYSPRINT shows the following error:

sighandler called sig_num=18 
SIGABND AbendCode=12025856, ReasonCode=8 
sighandler called sig_num=18



The Java Transformer task is not running APF authorized. If the abend code '12025856' is translated from decimal to an hexadecimal number it results in 'B78'. From IBM documentation, the abend code B78 with RC=8 means:

The error occurred when the system tried to run one of the following:
  • An RC, RU, VRC, or VRU GETMAIN macro
  • An RC or RU FREEMAIN macro
  • A STORAGE macro.

Code - Explanation
08 - The program issuing the macro is not authorized to obtain or free storage in system subpools. The program must be  supervisor state, key 0, or authorized program facility (APF) authorized.





Make sure all libraries in the STEPLIB concatenation of the Java Transformers FSS task (default name CAIQD2E) are APF authorized.

Additional Information

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