While trying to login into SDM using IIS, the page loads but no images are displayed. When the same is opened through tomcat it works fine.


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While trying to login into SDM using IIS, the page loads but no images are displayed. When the same is opened through tomcat it works fine. 

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Settings of IIS have to be checked.


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


1.   Confirm if IIS is working fine by trying to open IIS home page.

From IE, launch the http://hostname:80


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  2.       Confirm if all the required IIS options are configured as per below link.



 3.    Open IIS Manager and Navigate to Default web site-> CAISD-> Handler Mappings 

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  4.   In that just check Static content again, it should be like: 

static file * Enabled File or Folder StaticFileModule,DefaultDocumentModule,DirectoryListingModule Local 

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 5.    If it’s not showing file and folder, double click Static file-> request permissions- Check Invoke handler check box -> and select file or Folder and click on OK. And in Access tab it should have read option selected. 


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If above steps are already done please do below steps 

 6.   Now click on "Dafault_web_site"-> and at right end of screen-> click "Restart" under manage website. 


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 7.   Click on IIS Name (after expanding that only you will see sites and application pools) and at right end you will see option to restart under manage server. 


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 8.   Close IE and delete cache. Open any new browser (chrome or Mozilla) and try to access SDM. 



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