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While trying to login into SDM using IIS, the page loads but no images are displayed. When the same is opened through tomcat it works fine.


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While trying to login into SDM using IIS, the page loads but no images are displayed. When the same is opened through tomcat it works fine. 

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Settings of IIS have to be checked.


CA Service Desk Manager 14.1 and 17.X


1.   Confirm if IIS is working fine by trying to open IIS home page.

From IE, launch the http://hostname:80


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  2.       Confirm if all the required IIS options are configured as per below link.


 3.    Open IIS Manager and Navigate to Default web site-> CAISD-> Handler Mappings 

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  4.   In that just check Static content again, it should be like: 

static file * Enabled File or Folder StaticFileModule,DefaultDocumentModule,DirectoryListingModule Local 

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 5.    If it’s not showing file and folder, double click Static file-> request permissions- Check Invoke handler check box -> and select file or Folder and click on OK. And in Access tab it should have read option selected. 


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If above steps are already done please do below steps 

 6.   Now click on "Dafault_web_site"-> and at right end of screen-> click "Restart" under manage website. 


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 7.   Click on IIS Name (after expanding that only you will see sites and application pools) and at right end you will see option to restart under manage server. 


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 8.   Close IE and delete cache. Open any new browser (chrome or Mozilla) and try to access SDM. 



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