Resource termination date cannot be removed via XOG
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Resource termination date cannot be removed via XOG


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Termination date cannot be removed via XOG by adding a null in the termination date attribute. Earlier releases such as 13.3 allowed it.


Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to Home > Resources and create a new labor resource. 
  2. Set a termination date (e.g.: 12/31/2016) 
  3. xog out a resource that has a termination date. "rsm_resources_read.xml" template can be used. 
  4. Modify the terminationDate="2016-12-31" attribute to terminationDate="null"

Expected Result: Work the same as in 13.3: the termination date is removed

Actual Result: XOG returns FATAL Error - This record has not been inserted. java.text.ParseException: Unparseable date: "null" [...]. // The termination date stays unmodified


This has been reported for CA PPM v15.1.


This issue has been reported to Sustaining Engineering as CLRT-81658/DE31174.


This issue is fixed in CA PPM v15.2 and also backported to v15.1 in patch 4 ( or later.