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What is the easiest way to download all (cumulative) PTFs for TPX V5.4.


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TPX - Session Management Vman Session Management for z/OS


What is the easiest way to download all (cumulative) PTFs for  TPX V5.4.



TPX V5.4


There is not a cumulative group of PTFs available for download, however you can download all the PTFs at one time via CSO.

Instructions on how to download PTFs via CSO.

- Logon to CSO 

• Hover cursor over 'Download Center' and click the 'Download Solution' link. 

• See 'Download Center' page. 

1. Click on the dropdown box under 'Select a Product' 

    a. type CA TPX 

         It will bring up a list of package options.

    b. click on the package options that you have installed for example 

        Select CA TPX Session Management Extended Package - MVS 

2. Click on the dropdown box under 'Select a Release' 

    a. select 5.4

3. Click 'CA TPX for OS/390 within the box under 'Select a Component(s)' 

    a. 'Select all' should be unchecked 

 4. Ensure 'Select a Gen Level' dropbox shows '0000' 

5. Leave 'Enter High Fix' blank 

6. Leave 'Confirmed Since' blank

7. Change 'Results per Page' to 100

8. Click Go 

9. Matches will show 1 - 100 

10. Click 'Add All to Cart (per page)' - is located on the right side of the page

11. Click green right arrow that is after the '1-100' located in middle of the page, under 'Matches'

12. The number of 'Matches' now start at 101  

13. Click 'Add All to Cart (per page)' - is located on the right side of the page 


• Click 'View Download Cart' - on right side 

1. See 'My Download Cart' page 

2. Scroll down to bottom of page; see 'Checkout' 

3. Fill in correct email address 

4. Click the blue 'checkout' button 

5. See the 'Download Package Details' page 

6. Ensure 'Do you want a complete package for all?' specifies Yes 

7. Click blue 'Continue' button 


• See 'Review Download Requests' 

1. 'Today's Downloads' should have entry indicating 'In Process' 

2. Wait to receive email indicating Download cart is ready 

3. Click on link in email; you will have to log on to CSO if not still logged in 

• Tailor your local FTP job using the 'Alternate FTP' information and run to download the zip package to your local USS environment, usually named 

     Note: 'Preferred FTP' does not provide a zip file, only individual files which CAUNZIP cannot use 

• Tailor and run your local CAUNZIP job to breakout the zip package and create SMPPTFIN within your local USS environment 

• Run local SMP







Additional Information

CAUNZIP is easy to use because it automates separating files (PTFs and informational PTFs) and preparating for SMP/e processing. 


For CAUNZIP, FTP information and sample JCL, refer to link: