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Java SDK Agent Initialization Delays


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Custom Java Agent based on is taking about 3 seconds per policy server for initialization which is too long.

By checking the Agent log (stdout) with full debugging ( we can see : 


10:33:05.125 [http-bio-18080-exec-9] SMTRACE: SmAgentTcpTransport, newInstance, Using SmAgentTcpTransport class 

10:33:08.126 [http-bio-18080-exec-9] SMTRACE: SmAgentTliSession, setup, Initiating TLI handshake


The delay of about 3 seconds occurs in the Pure Java API and is caused by a change to NON-BLOCKING socket usage.

After a non blocking connect call, the code checks every 3 seconds for completion. If it is still failing after 5x3 seconds it will mark the connection as failed.

The default connectionTimeout is 3000 ms.


SDK : 12.52SP1CR06 Policy Server: 12.52SP1CR6 on Solaris 10 (SPARC)


 The default connectionTimeout is 3000 ms but it can be modified by passing the following parameter into the JVM at runtime:



Example of startup agent (With debug and non blocking connection) :