Extending the Sysview for Db2 history and accounting files
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Extending the Sysview for Db2 history and accounting files


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


How to increase the size of the Sysview Performance Management Option for Db2 for z/OS (IDB2) history and accounting files?


Refer to the IDB2 documentation regarding the online history files function and details on how to estimate their size.

The history files are standard VSAM files so they can be reorganized if needed.
The files should be allocated with 0 secondary space and as the records are written in a "wrap around" manner
the files should not actually need reorganizing. 


Should there be a need to resize them, the easiest way is to: 

1) Stop the IDB2 Data Collector 

2) Use the IDDCVSAM member from the source library supplied, to create new larger history files. 
Run an IDCAMS REPRO to copy the old history records from the old VSAM files to the new larger VSAM files. 

3) Rename the old history files to a different name 

4) Rename the new history files to the old name 

5) Start the IDB2 Data Collector 

The new larger sized Online History files will be available.