USM Groups all show zero members after upgrading to UMP 8.5.1


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


After upgrading to UIM/UMP 8.5.1, users logging into UMP may find that all the USM groups have zero members.  The groups themselves will appear correctly, but without any membership, and an examination of the group filters will reveal that all the groups' filters have disappeared.


Group population in 8.5.1 is now the responsibility of the "nis_server" probe, and there is a migration process that occurs to migrate the group filters to a new format.  Specifically, the group filters are migrated from CM_GROUP_DYNAMIC into a column called 'criteria' in the CM_GROUP table. This migration can fail silently. A characteristic of this issue is that users will find the 'criteria' column in CM_GROUP is empty.


UIM 8.5.1, upgraded from a previous version


To resolve this issue, perform the following steps to force the migration to occur.


1. Open the probe utility for the nis_server probe, either by selecting it from the menu in Admin Console or pressing CTRL+P in Infrastructure Manager.

2. Execute the "migrate_groups" callback.

3. Restart the wasp probe on the UMP Server.