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"Last updated" date in ca-eula.txt is invalid.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


  When performing a silent installation of the App Synthetic Monitor agent for APM, the installation fails and the error message reported in the file "silent.install.failed.txt" is "Invalid CA EULA Specified".


Any supported platform where the App Synthetic Monitor agent is attempting to be installed.


  The End-User License Agreement has been updated, and the date listed in the file ca-eula.txt (or locale/language-appropriate variant) is correct, but the installer is validating the file based on a specific date from a previous version of the Agreement. The installer is looking for the date "2016-01-12", but the date present in the ca-eula.txt file (as of this writing) is "2016-05-25".


 To have a successful install, edit the "ca-eula.txt" file (or locale/language-appropriate variant), and near the end of the file, change the line below:

# Last updated 2016-05-25


# Last updated 2016-01-12

Then save the file, and restart the silent installation. Barring any separate issues, the installation will complete successfully, and the agent will be installed.