Attempting to attach a file to Service Desk Manager (SDM) ticket fails and "Attribute 'upload_path' is empty for usp_servers (id=1001)" is written in the STDLOG


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Using the Attach Document button and then Add Files fail and the following message is written to the STDLOG:

spelsrvr             4496 SIGNIFICANT  doc_rep.spl            903 Attribute 'upload_path' is empty for usp_servers (id=1001). Consider entering a value via Web UI Servers form.



The symptoms are seen when there is no value specified for the Attachment Servlet Path of the Repository Server that is associated with the "Service Desk " attachments repository.


Service Desk Manager 14.1 and 17.x

All Supported Operating Systems


1. Log into the Service Desk Manager web interface as a user with the Administrator role and click on the Administration tab. 

2. Open the Attachments Library and then, within that, click on Repositories. 

3. Right-click "Service Desk" and select "View".

4. Review the server names in the Servlet Server and the Repository Server fields.  If these are not correct, change them according to the servers that are configured, active and running in your environment.

5. View the Servers List under the Administration tab, click on System, then click on Servers. Right-click on the server name that matches the name of the Repository Server.

6. Run "pdm_extract  -f "select id, local_host from usp_servers".

7. In the pdm_extract results, note the value of "local_host" that corresponds to the "1001" value of the "id" column.  In this example, the value is: ITSMW12SD

8. Edit the Server Detail form of the server that matches the value of "local_host".

9. Enter a value for the "Attachment Servlet Path".   In this example, the value that is entered is:

10. Recycle the CA Service Desk Manager service.

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