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Data Protection 15.0 - Data Lookup command order can impact results.


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CA Security Command Center CA Data Protection (DataMinder) CA User Activity Reporting


Complex data lookup commands which contain Boolean operators may fail to trigger policy depending upon the expression process order.

For example:

The expression (A AND B) fails to trigger, but the expression (B AND A) works as expected, where A, B are the complex data lookup commands.


CA Data Protection 15.0


An issue has been identified with the implementation of complex data lookups using Boolean operators.


FIX:RO94057 (Client_15.0_HF081, Client_x64_15.0_HF082, Server_15.0_HF079 and Server_x64_15.0_HF080) corrects fixes the Boolean logic flow used in complex data lookup commands.  After applying the fix, individual lookup commands are processed in the correct order with the proper Boolean operator applied to ensure that policy triggers correctly.

FIX:RO94057 is available to download from the CA Support Portal (

Additional Information


Orchestria, CA DLP and DataMinder are previous brand names for the product now known as CA Data Protection.