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CA Fast Unload for Db2 for Z/OS : Has the 'default' LRECL changed for SYSRECnn output?


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Fast Unload for DB2 for z/OS


After an upgrade to R19 release a different LRECL and BLKSIZE is seen for the unload (SYSRECnn) datasets.
Now (using R19's Fast unload for DB2 for z/os)   RECFM = VB   LRECL=32756   BLKSIZE=32760

whereas before (in R17 release)   LRECL used to be  224


The Default LRECL has been changed in the R18 Release.


Z/os for DB2


The default output record length is now 32,756 bytes for a comma delimited unload. If a different length is required, specify LRECL-USER YES in the hlq.CDBAPARM(PFU) member. Also in the JCL specify an LRECL value in the SYSREC data set allocations.

In the PFU member(if not there already)...add this line. Create the member if not there.


This line can also be added in SYSIN in the CA Fast Unload parms of the JCL. 

Additional Information

See this documentation reference:

LRECL-USER—Use the User-Supplied LRECL Value


New Default LRECL Value for Comma-Delimited Output