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IE 11 accessing APM 10.5.1 Team Center freezes after clicking on the Close button on the Welcome Page.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


  In Internet Explorer 11, after upgrading to APM 10.5.1 HF #1, when logging into Team Center and clicking on Close on the Welcome Screen, Team Center is frozen and I cannot click on anything else.  Closing the tab on the browser results in another tab opening up and going to the WebView screen.

This does not happen in Chrome.


  An IE 11 rendering issue which results in the Team Center page locking up is the likely cause.  This has nothing to do with APM code.  The Welcome Screen contains YouTube videos which some customer sites may block.  It appears that IE 11 has an issue with a blocked YouTube site by a company proxy server and the page does not fully render properly, although it looks like it did.


APM 10.5.1 using WebView with IE 11. Chrome works as expected.


 There are a couple of workarounds to choose available:

1. At the bottom of the Welcome Screen, clearing the checkbox "Show again next time" will prevent the Welcome Screen from appearing the next time you login.  Note this is per browser only, so if you have multiple users from multiple desktops, they all will have to perform this action.  If the cookies are cleared, you will also have to repeat this action.

2. The Welcome Screen can be skipped for all users by commenting out the "introscope.apmserver.ui.welcome.url" property in the file

3. Change the default Welcome Screen to something that does not contain the youtube videos that are blocked by a company proxy server.  Change "introscope.apmserver.ui.welcome.url" property from "HID_Welcome_to_CA_APM" to "HID_BLUE_BOX_PAGE"