Export parsing error - columns are not aligned properly with CA Web Viewer 12.1 with IE11


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CA Output Management Web Viewer


CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1 does not correctly format in Excel when using fixed columns. The 1st image cuts off the left side of the 1st column.


This is a browser compatibility problem. 


Microsoft Excel

MS Internet Explorer 11


For Internet Explorer 11, it depends on "Compatibility Mode".

  • If you are in "Compatibility Mode" via Intranet security zone, the export wizard columns accurately reflect what you select in step 2.
  • If not in this mode, your columns are off by increasing amounts as you work to the right of the report. NOTE: Putting the web site in "Compatibility View" alone not enough, it has to be Intranet zone too. For some reason (IE), compatibility view is different under the Intranet vs. non-Intranet. 

Recommended action:

  • Set your browser so Web Viewer (the web server) is in the Intranet Zone and
  • The compatibility view settings have "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View".
  • If already accessing Web Viewer while doing this, please log off and close the browser before retesting.