Getting "Kibana is currently unavailable" error when trying to access Data Studio in CA App Experience Analytic


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CA App Experience Analytics


When trying to access the Data Studio in CA App Experience Analytic (CA AXA), the following error appears :

Kibana is currently unavailable.
Please try again later.


This is a known issue in Kibana. If the user logs off and logs back in on the same browser, the user cookie is not getting reset and Kibana runs into access issue.


CA App Experience Analytic (CA AXA)


There are 2 options to work around the issue, while the permanent fix is being worked on by CA AXA engineering team:

1) Clear browser cookies and re-access the CA AXA Console
2) Access the CA AXA console with browser running in incognito mode.
3) Wait for 15 minutes after logging out, before logging in again.

Additional Information

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