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Unable to delete Off Page Reference Models icons come in the Oneclick console


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CA Spectrum


While trying to delete Off-Page Reference Icon, the below error is observed:






All Spectrum versions running on Supported Platforms


The off-page reference icon is a special purpose topology icon. The off-page reference icon represents a device that is directly connected to a device in the current view but which is modeled in another layer. The following icon shows an example of an off-page reference icon:


The above icon cannot be deleted


You could make the "Off Page Reference Models" not visible as below: 

From the OneClick Console, click on > View > Preferences > Topology Tab > Show Off Page References > Set "Specifies whether or not Off Page Reference Models are visible" to No > If you want the changes to be Permanent, ensure "Make Changes Permanent" is check marked (default) > Click on Apply > Click on Ok 


Additional Information

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