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ArchMgr crashes with setLastEventSyncTime in stack. ARCHMGR.OUT shows "Could not bind connection socket"


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CA Spectrum


The Archive Manager crashes on shutdown because port 0xbafe is blocked.  The <SPECROOT>/SS/DDM/ARCHMGR.OUT shows the "Could not bind connection socket" entry and the ArchMgr process shuts itself down: 


Mar 17 07:05:15 : ArchMgr started as user 'spectrum'
Mar 17 07:05:15 : ArchMgr validating database.
Mar 17 07:05:15 : ArchMgr successfully connected to MySQL daemon
Mar 17 07:05:15 : ArchMgr loaded DDM database with landscape handle 0x1000000

Mar 17 07:05:19 : ArchMgr has successfully connected to the SpectroSERVER.
Mar 17 07:05:19 : ArchMgr has successfully advertised CORBA Event Service.

Attempting to bind connection port 0xbafe

Mar 17 07:06:16 : Starting sync of events from primary ArchMgr
Mar 17 07:06:16 : Successfully synced 148 events( Mar 17 07:00:50 - Mar 17 07:06:15 ) in 0.097 seconds.

Retry number 50 in 30 seconds. 
Could not bind connection socket

Mar 17 07:32:19 : Closing database
Mar 17 07:32:19 : ArchMgr is shutting down...
Mar 17 07:32:19 : ArchMgr has successfully shut down.
Mar 17 07:32:20 : Stopping CORBA communication...


The stack output shows:

#0 0x0000000000458258 in ModelArchDBImp::setLastEventSyncTime(unsigned int) () 
#1 0x000000000042e301 in CsEventLogManager::update_last_sync_event_time(CsEventLogManager*) () 
#2 0x00007fb04c716843 in moot_thread_start () from /opt/SPECTRUM/lib/ 
#3 0x00007fb0474e58b0 in ?? () from /lib64/ 
#4 0x0000000000000000 in ?? () 


The Archive Manager is not able to bind to port 0xbafe as another process has bound to it.


Release: SDBSFO99000-10.2-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-Server FOC


This is tentatively scheduled to be fixed in the 10.3 release of CA Spectrum by defect DE283154 due out in late 2017.  

The workaround is to find out what is bound to port 0xbafe (port 47870) and shut down the process.  Here is an example command you could use to see what process is bound to port 47870:

netstat -ano | grep 47870