Password Sync Agent does not propagate the password to accounts
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Password Sync Agent does not propagate the password to accounts


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The user/accounts passwords were being synchronizing correct but suddenly it stop to work


Identity Manager


From the Active Directory where you installed PSync Agent, navigate to PSync installation folder, and go the the Logs folder, by default:



Open eta_pwdsync.log file in Text Editor


If you find the message below:

Error: ldap_simple_bind() failed while connecting to 'ldaps://<ProvServer_Hostname>:20390'. 

LDAP error: Invalid credentials. 

Result: Password will be out of sync with eTrust Admin. 


The etapwd user password has expired or someone changed its password.


To fix this problem, open Provisioning Manager using your Super User and search for etapwd user.

- Right click on it, and select Properties

- Select Password tab

- Check if the option "Enable explicit password expiration date" is enabled


If so, you must reset its password, and set a new Password expiration date or disable this option.

If you changed the etapwd password for any reason, you must set this password in ADS machine, where Password Synchronization Agent is installed, using PwdSyncConfig.exe tool located under "password_sync_folder\bin."

Additional Information

For more information about Password Synchronization, please see the documentation Synchronizing Passwords on Endpoints

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