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Moving multiple files using SFTP WOB in CA Workload Automation ESP Edition.


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ESP Workload Automation


Trying to move multiple specific files using an SFTP WOB. According to the manual we should be able to specify multiple filenames in LOCALFILENAME and REMOTEFILENAME and separating them with a semi colon. We have tried a few different combinations of file names (always specified equally in both statements) and keep getting the following error message back from the agent: 
"Invalid AFM. Precisely single local and remote names must be supplied" 

There is no spool file created when we attempt it and it fails with a code 0. The job is coming from ESP and it will simulate with no errors.


Release: All Releases of ESP Workload Automation


This function is not supported for SFTP job types.


The semi-colon semantic could be used in the FTP job type;  However in the SFTP it is not supported. It is possible to use wildcards for SFTP jobs.