USM/UMP does not display any alarms, and groups in USM all show zero members in an Oracle-based UIM environment


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


When logging into USM/UMP, end-users may see that the groups in USM all show zero members, and there are no alarms displayed.  The groups will be present, but empty, and all status icons will be green.  The Alarm View in USM will show zero alarms.

The problem is specific to UIM running with an Oracle backend database.


There is an issue with the Trellis probe connecting to certain Oracle environments - specifically environments in which the servicename or SID has dots in it.

To check whether this is the case, open the data_engine configuration file and look for the "servicename" parameter.  If the value for this parameter contains dots/periods, e.g. "ORCL.CA.COM" this will cause the issue mentioned.


Oracle 11.2 or 12c - UIM 8.47 or higher.


This is likely to be resolved in a future release of Trellis after UIM 8.5.1 - but in the meantime, as a workaround, you can ask your DBA to change the servicename/SID on the Oracle side to something like "UIMORACLE" without any dots.  Then you'll need to change the servicename in your data_engine configuration to match.


After making this change, restart the primary hub robot (and any HA hubs), as well as the UMP Robot(s) to force them to pick up the new connection information.