How can I build the attachment link with the loadbalancer URL
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How can I build the attachment link with the loadbalancer URL


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CA Service Catalog


Unable to access the SDM Link attachments that were created using the 'Report and Issue' offering from Catalog side.


CA Service Catalog R14.1


The Link URL that was stored in SDM consists of base-url and not load balancing URL. This has to be configured to load-balancing as per the requirement if there is not access to base URL for end users.


The Host name and Port within Catalog Server Information has to be updated to the right values as mentioned below i.e. Catalog - Administration - Configuration - Server Information.

1. Login to Catalog URL

2. Go to Administration tab - Configuration - Server Information

3. Update the two values i.e. Host name and Port Number with Catalog load balancing host name and ports accordingly


Additional Information

Host Name: Specifies the host name accessible to catalog users, typically one of the following host names:

  • The Catalog Component computer
  • The load balancer computer (applies if you are clustering).
  • The computer that redirects catalog users (applies if you are using DNS aliases for redirection).

Port Number: Specifies the port number for communicating with the host named in the previous parameter.