CA Workload Automation AE r11.3.6 upgrade fails during Sybase database update.
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CA Workload Automation AE r11.3.6 upgrade fails during Sybase database update.


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CA Workload Automation AE r11.3.6 upgrade fails during Sybase database update.

The CA WAAE update log shows:

19:19:28 ++  -- WA: ------------------------------------------------------------------
19:19:28 ++  -- WA: One or more warnings or failures occurred. Please review the log.
19:19:28 ++  -- WA: for Sybase failed. For more information, see: /tmp/syb_upgradeaedb_pri.
19:19:28 ++  -- WA: CA Workload Automation AE will not be registered to CA EEM because of previous installation errors.
19:19:28 ++  -- WA: Skipping CA Workload Automation AE component startup due to previous post install errors.
19:19:28 ++  -- WA: dbstatistics failed to run properly on instance PRD. Please run it manually.
19:19:28 ++  -- WA: ------------------------------------------------------------------
19:19:28 ++  -- WA: Product upgrade finished. Return code: 6


Further the /tmp/syb_upgradeaedb_pri/install_aedb.log shows the following Sybase error message repeatedly:

Msg 11052, Level 16, State 1:
Server 'AUTOSYSDB3', Line 2:
Neither the 'select into' nor the 'full logging for alter table' database
options are enabled for database 'AEDB'. ALTER TABLE with data copy cannot be


CA Workload Automation AE 11.3 SP1, 11.3.5, 11.3.6 with Sybase ASE database server.



The aforementioned error in the install_aedb.log is a result of the Sybase ASE database option "select into/bulkcopy/pllsort" not being enabled for the WAAE Database. 



To address this problem, follow steps below:

1. Check if the WAAE database in the Sybase ASE server has been setup with the "select into/bulkcopy/pllsort" option. You can use the sp_helpdb stored procedure to within the isql command line, like so:

$ isql -S AUTOSYSDB3 -U sa -P <password> -w 180 -s"|"

1> sp_helpdb AEDB
2> go

|name   |db_size       |owner  |dbid  |created         |durability   |lobcomplvl |inrowlen    |status                                                                                             |

|--------|-------------|--------|------|---------------|-----------|------------|------------|------------------------------------------------------------------------ |

|AEDB   |3224.0 MB  |sa        |   4   |Oct 27, 2016 |full           |      0         |    NULL     |select into/bulkcopy/pllsort, trunc log on chkpt, abort tran on log full |

(1 row affected)

|device_fragments              |size                      |usage             |created                               |free_kbytes                    |
|-----------------------------|--------------------|---------------|------------------------------ |---------------------------|
|AEDB_DATA                      |    1024.0 MB        |data only       |Oct 27 2016  1:19PM          |          956368                |
|AEDB_LOG                        |     100.0 MB         |log only         |Oct 27 2016  1:19PM          |not applicable                  |
|AEDB_DATA2                    |    2000.0 MB        |data only       |Mar  6 2017  7:40AM          |         2040000               |
|AEDB_LOG2                      |     100.0 MB         |log only         |Mar  6 2017  7:44AM          |not applicable                   |
|log only free kbytes = 203944                                                                                                                                 |
(return status = 0)


2. If the "select into/bulkcopy/pllsort" option does not appear under the status column of the sp_helpdb output, then enable the db option using the following isql stored procedure:

$ isql -S AUTOSYSDB3 -U sa -P <password>
1> use AEDB
2> go
1> master..sp_dboption AEDB, "select into", true
2> go
Database option 'select into/bulkcopy/pllsort' turned ON for database 'AEDB'.
Running CHECKPOINT on database 'AEDB' for option 'select into/bulkcopy/pllsort' to take effect.
(return status = 0)


Note: By default, the WAAE database on Sybase ASE is setup with the following DB options during installation. Disabling these options may result in unexpected WAAE behavior.

  • select into/bulkcopy/pllsort
  • trunc log on chkpt
  • abort tran on log full

Additional Information

CA DocOps: Run the CreateAEDB Script for Sybase in Interactive Mode

Sybase: sp_dboption