Unable to transfer artifacts larger than 1 Gb


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio) CA Release Automation - DataManagement Server (Nolio)


A transfer of a large artifact package (> 1Gb) to a Unix agent may fail. If the size is decreased, the package transfers well.

Logs show following error:

2017-03-09 11:57:29,699 [Communication Msg Processor-3] ERROR (com.nolio.platform.shared.communication.services.artifacts.ArtifactDistributionService:66) - failed to execute download artifact [artifact_store/releaseId_3319/<artifact type>/<artifact definition>/<version of artifact>/<artifact version name>] from NES [<execution servername>]. 
com.nolio.platform.shared.communication.postoffice.FileDownloadException: Can not download file to [artifact_store/releaseId_3319/<artifact type>/<artifact definition>/<version of artifact>/<artifact version name>]. could not get file [fid:797AE57E5D57381C97A260AA52C3B5D8] : Could not create file output 


A little underneath the above listed error message, there is the explanation why the error occurs: 

Caused by: com.nolio.nimi.NimiException: File [files_temp/nlo5609223758340486539file] can not be extended to [1486374490]. 

Caused by: java.io.IOException: A file cannot be larger than the value set by ulimit. 




Release automation 5.5 and above with Unix agents


This limit is a security limit in Unix and you can solve it by simply editing the /etc/security/limits file and increasing the "fsize" limit or simply changing it to "-1" to be unlimited, and then retry your transfer, you don't have to restart the machine for changes to take effect.