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Default oracle probe configuration


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Configured the client package for oracle probe for template adjustment and when deploying the package on server it is not overwriting the default probe configuration.

Example: In some of the template default probe configurations contains two severity (warning and Major) and configured the custom template with only one severity Major.  When deploying of custom probe it does not remove Informational severity alarm.


The requirement is changing the default oracle probe configuration by deploying the custom package.


Example: It can changed/updated the cdm configuration by creating cdm custom or super package. But this is not working for Oracle probe.





To be more specific in the custom\super package of oracle the changes are made in oracle_monitor.cfx .

In this file there are 3 types of checkpoint templates listed below 





Using the IM console :

Changes made in the cfx under the <checkpoint> template will only reflect in the templates of the oracle GUI in the IM console else if changes made to the other two will not reflect in the IM console. 


The other 2 are for the admin console. 


  • Drag and drop probe from robot to archive. 
  • Rename it. 
  • Open by double click on super\custom package. 
  • Open the cfx in edit mode.(Check whether overwrite is written in front of template) 
  • Change templates under the <checkpoints> tag to see changes in IM console. 
  • Now deploy the package and confirm


Additional Information



Changes made are to the <no_next_extents> checkpoint which customer made.

Changes at  end as below


<thresholds> clear

<count> overwrite

<0> overwrite

value = 1

sev = major

msg = no_next_extents_3




cfx by Customer as below


<thresholds> overwrite

<count> overwrite

<0> overwrite

value = 1

sev = major

msg = no_next_extents_3



<default> overwrite