Privileged Identity Manager can not start in SLES 11 SP4 on z/VM 6.4(s390x)


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CA Virtual Privilege Manager CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM) CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


After installation with RO93654, CA Privileged Identity Manager(a.k.a PIM) cannot start alternatively.

1st time: start failed on seoswd.

2nd time: start correctly after killing all PIM process.

And also, kernel error message in syslog at the problem:

kernel: Unable to handle kernel pointer dereference at virtual kernel address 0000000000500000 

kernel: Oops: 0004 [#2] SMP 

kernel: Modules linked in: seos(PN) binfmt_misc fuse loop qeth_l2 qeth_l3 ipv6_lib sg dasd_fba_mod qeth dasd_mod ... 

kernel: Supported: No, Proprietary and Unsupported modules are loaded 


This problem is caused by enabled huge page size which is implemented from z/VM 6.4.

During startup PIM places our interception points into the kernel and removes them when we shut down. It is only the during startup and shutdown that is affected.




OS: SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP4 on z/VM 6.4 for s390xProduct: CA Privileged Identity Manager r12.8 SP1


Please apply full install module as following:

T47D084: full install module with install_base 

T47D085: full install module for RPM package


Additional Information

This problem is affect not SLES 11 or later but Redhat 7.x on z/VM.