Agent showing inactive (dSeries)


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An Agent is showing inactive or offline in manager side


Agent can show as inactive due to several reasons.

1. Manager hostname is not resolvable or reachable from Agent machine/host

2. Ports for Manager manager are not open/accessible from Agent machine.

Following message may be seen in agent transmitter log.

XX/XX/20XX 00:00:12.345 UTC+0000 1 TCP/IP Controller Plugin.Transmitter pool thread <Slow:1>.CybTargetHandlerChannel.constructConversation[:1139] - Error connecting to DS_<manager_name>
cybermation.library.communications.CybConversationConnectException: Unknown host: manager_name

3. Check ESP dSeries (DE) tracelogs for any connection errors.  E.g.

XX/XX/20XX 00:00:12.345 [dm:communications:exception] [ERROR] DM.OutputMessageQueue.AGENT1: [20XX-XX-XX_00:00:12.345] Exception caught sending to AGENT1: The conversation is unable to connect to partner agent1:7520. The exception is Connection timed out (Connection timed out).


WADE Agent : Any


Ensure that  WA Manager's hostname (either short name or fully qualified name) is resolvable and reachable.

Make sure that port for manager is open.