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When customizing CA File Master Plus for IMS "Define and Update" panel, the IMS environment value has been truncated on our defaults.


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File Master Plus for IMS File Master Plus for DB2 for z/OS


The IMS environment value has been truncated on our defaults and cannot be changed. This will affect all users.

Please do what you can to research this problem and correct it as soon as possible.


------ CA File Master Plus for IMS -- Define & Upda *Security check failed* 



Update the DSN for a Processing Parm PDS. 

Select the specified file to enter the 

update facility for that parm. 


Processing Parm PDSs: S = Select to Update 

A = Allocate New PDS 


DSN Lists ===> _ ===> 'BC.TS00.CAFMIMS.DSNLIST' 

Selection Criteria ===> _ ===> 'BC.TS00.CAFMIMS.SELECT' 

Custom Rec Layouts ===> _ ===> 'BC.TS00.CAFMIMS.LAYOUT' 

Segment XREF ===> _ ===> 'BC.TS00.CAFMIMS.SEGXREF' 

IMS Environments ===> _ ===> 'BC.TS00.CAFMIMS' 


The BC.TS00.CAFMIMS was and should be BC.TS00.CAFCMIMS.IMSENV


Release: ADFMIM00200-9.1-File Master Plus-for IMS


From the documentation:


Restricts non-DBA users from changing a specific IMS Environment data set name on the “Define & Update Processing Parms” panel. Users given File Master DBA authority will not be restricted from updating the data set name on any setup panel.

Valid values: Any valid data set name

Default: This parameter has a null default value (no restrictions)."

COM_IMSENV_DSN is an installation option and when it is set, if a non authorized user tries to change the IMS ENV data set the message "CAWK666E '*Security check failed*'" is shown.

The user does not have permission to make the change.