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A robot keeps losing connectivity after changing the robot.cfg to the correct ipaddress.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


A robot will intermittently lose connection to UIM after changing the robot.cfg to the correct ipaddress.  The correct ipaddress will then revert back to the previously defined address, which is not correct. The following changes were made to bind the robot to a single ipaddress, which usually resolves connectivity issues:

local_ip_validation = no
strict_ip_binding = yes
robotip = ipaddress of robot

The above changes still did not correct the issue.


UIM 7.x - 8.x


It was found that an application named puppet was being used, which reverted the changes made within about 15 minutes.


After disabling the application, the robot was able to connect after modifying the robot.cfg file once again to use the correct ipaddress.