JasperReports - Individual reports hang in loading and never load the Parameter page
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JasperReports - Individual reports hang in loading and never load the Parameter page


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CA Spectrum


The following individual reports hang in loading when they are launched, and the Parameter page is never loaded: 



Individual Alarm Log-Selected Devices and Models 



Individual Current Asset Detail: Selected Devices 

Individual Current Ports Detail: Selected Devices 

Individual Current Ports Summary: Selected Devices 



Individual Availability Selected Devices 

Individual Availability Selected Models 


CA Spectrum 10.2 and JasperReports 6.3


Wrong joins in the MySQL queries is causing performance slow down.


Issue was resolved in CA Spectrum 10.2.1 release. It has also been seen in 10.2.3 - there is a patch for 10.2.3 on this issue. Contact Support to obtain PTF 10.02.03.PTF_10.2.320. 


This is the workaround for CA Spectrum 10.2.0 release:

Optimize the queries in the following input controls:


Steps to Edit the queries: 

1) Please login as Superuser. 


2) Now in home page go to View drop down we will get an option like "Repository", Click on that. 


3) Now Navigate to root-->Organizations-->spectrum-->capability-->inputcontrols folder. 


4) Now choose queries. 


5) Now choose q_entity_id cilck on 'edit'. 


6) Now click on 'Next' again 'Next'. 


7) Now you will have a tab with name Query String, remove three lines below from the existing query: 

inner join v_security_string_accessibility_by_landscape v 

on m.landscape_h = v.landscape_h 

AND m.security_string = v.security_string 


8) After removing click on 'save'. 


9) Now under inputcontrols we will have "resportspecific", click on that and click on "Alarm Log-Selected Devices and Models" folder, on right side we will get some items. 


10) Now choose $R{p_modelName} click on edit. 


11) Now click on 'Next' again 'Next', again 'Next', again 'Next'. 


12) Now we will have a tab with name Query String, remove one line from the existing query: 

INNER JOIN v_security_string_accessibility_by_landscape v on(m.landscape_h = v.landscape_h and m.security_string = v.security_string ) 


13) After removing click on 'save'. 


14) Now click on 'Submit'. 


Additional Information

If you enabled the JasperReports integration on 10.2 release and then upgraded to 10.2.1, you MUST re-deploy the reports.



Fixes to Report Manager

Symptom: Spectrum Jasper reports are taking long time to open and consume more memory.
Resolution: Spectrum Jasper reports are optimized to perform better than earlier.
(10.2.1, DE269954, 00503003)