Save and Publish fails with an error "publish_schema failed in backend: Timeout waiting for reply after 60 seconds. "


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After manually adding custom columns, for example, loading the wspcol table to a server, when selected "save and publish" in Schema Designer, an error "publish_schema failed in backend: Timeout waiting for reply after 60 seconds" comes up as shown below and the schema changes cannot be saved. 

<Please see attached file for image>


If we click on the "save and publish" again, the following error appears and the changes will not be saved.

<Please see attached file for image>



The error will appear if a column in the wspcol table referencing to non-existing table name, such as one that does not exist in the out of box schema or the wsptbl table.


Non-existing table is specified as a SRel table of a custom SREL column.

A custom column added to non-existing table.


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


Remove a problematic column from the wspcol table, load it to the Service Desk Manager server, and then select "save and publish" in Schema Designer again after making a dummy change.

Additional Information

TEC578669: Using the Swing-Box method for Upgrading/Migrating to a new version of CA Service Desk Manager

CA Service Management - 14.1 > Upgrade CA SDM Using the SWING Box Method


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