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How can we find out the CA Endevor element name is for the members in the library that start with a period (.)?


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We are cleaning up the CA Endevor libraries and in several libraries there are member names that start with a period (.). 

For example, the member name is 'CAIP.EC1LIB.JCL(.EMCCUII)' but there is no EMCCUII member in CAIP.EC1LIB.JCL. 


How do we determine what Endevor elements these library members are for?




Component: ENDBAS


The .member names in CA Endevor libraries are Backout members for Packages.  

DO NOT delete them!

They will be automatically cleaned up when the Package is Deleted or Committed.


To determine which CA Endevor element the Backout member is for, you can use the Footprint display: 

Go to -- 1  DISPLAY  >>  2 FOOTPRINT 
Put in the library name and get a selection list 

Use I for Load libraries -- 
I - Display load module CSECTS and footprints 

Use L for other libraries like a JCLLIB 
L - Display the library member