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Problem Reading SMSession ID


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CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign On SOA Security Manager (SiteMinder) CA Single Sign-On


SMPS log is reporting “Unable to read object SmSessionId

[1600/1848][Tue Jan 31 2017 20:20:34][SmSSInLDAPStore.cpp:766][ERROR][sm_LoginLogout_01006] Unable to read object  smSessionId=NVMeKlAEPPuFBuQVb22mBazD\+ZI\=,ou=smsession. (32)


Windows Policy server R12.52 SP1 CR1 CA Directory session store R12


Policy server is attempting to logout session, which removes the session from the store.  The session has already been removed from the store either by another policy server serve: timeout, Policy server maintenance of the session stores or by removed by replication


Error is benign with no user impact, however there is a fix and omprovidment to the policy server with regards to session store and its operations/maintenance 


CA is recommending upgrade to at least R12.52 Sp1 Cr5 – sessions store fixes and improvements

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21971630-01 DE107877 The transactions processing speed of Policy Server slows down when CA Directory is used as the session store. The session store size grows exponentially and session deletes are not in sync with the rate of new sessions added to the session store.

STAR Issue: 21821071-01, 21645477-1 

Error if CA Directory Server is used as a Session Store (98387) 

Symptom:  Policy store displays the following error message in smps.log while using a CA Directory Server as a Session Store. “Unable to read object smSessionId”