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Looking at the manuals it's not clear what is the expected Common Services Level.


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File Master Plus for IMS File Master Plus for DB2 for z/OS


The manual clearly states that there is a Common Services level requirement:

"Important! Ensure that the required CA Common Services products are installed and maintained at genlevel that is indicated on the product cover letter. For information about installing CA Common Services, see CA Common Services for z/OS."

However, the cover letter only provides a "recommendation":

"Before you install CA File Master Plus, CA File Master Plus for IMS, CA File Master Plus for DB2 for z/OS, we strongly recommend that you install CA Common Services for z/OS Release 14.1. Quality Assurance is certified with this release."

This leads me to believe there is no File Master requirement for CA Common Services. Is that correct?


Release: ADFMIM00200-9.1-File Master Plus-for IMS


Here's the latest. Common Services verbiage has been removed from Installation Best Practices:

CCS release 14.1 is clearly stated as a requirement:

There are no changes to the cover letter.