Error during sign up process after integrating with recurly


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Portal sing up process throws page not found error after integrating with recurly


As the one time registration fee hasn't been added to recurly


Release: L7APIP99000-3.5-API Developer Portal-Perpetual


1. You will see the below error during sign up process

<Please see attached file for image>

src="/servlet/servlet.FileDownload?file=0150c000004AKR9AAO" alt="Capture1.PNG" width="608" height="210">

2. Implement the below after following the steps mentioned in our documentation about  " Set Up Monetization "

3. login to your portal as admin

4. Go to site settings -> custom fields -> enable API package

5. From Analytics - > revenue planner -> set your registration fee accordingly -> click generate report -> on next page click Apply to plans , you should see success message at the end.

6. Now on recurly dashboard you should be able to see a new plan " registration+plan "

7. Now click on signup on portal and fill in the details and choose the account plan from the drop down and click register.

8. You will be guided to recurly page where you will fill in the bank account details and click submit, once the process is successful you should receive a e-mail saying you have been charged for registration process. ( note: you are only charged for registration at this point )

9. The account plan charges are deducted once the admin approves the account plan on portal dashboard.







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