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Some device status remains "Management Lost", or some interface’s SNMP Polling Rate status remains "true-null".


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ï½¥Some device status remains "Management Lost", even it successfully responds the SNMP query. 

ï½¥Some interface’s SNMP Polling Rate status remains "true-null". 


These Symptoms do not recover even re-discover the device nor enable the ”Enable Change Detection” flag of the Monitoring Profile.


The trigger of the problem is following:

1.            The monitored device was switched to another device with same IP.

2.            The monitored device did not respond to the SNMP/ICMP for a long time, but it is now recovered.


Reported on CAIM 2.6, 2.7


First of all, check the monitoring device surely responds to SNMP by using DcDebug tool.

Next, when the device is available for SNMP, please try the following operations.


1.        Step One

Select the Monitoring device from the CAPC GUI, and push the Update Metric Families button (right side) in the Polled Metric Families tab.


2.        Step Two

Select the Monitoring device from the CAPC GUI, and push the Stop Polling button in the Details tab. And after a few minutes later, push the Start Polling button at the same place.

Additional Information

If you still remain the situation, please verify to restart Data Aggregator and Data Collector.