Error: "Error synching status to Catalog. Authentication failed" In jstd.log When Syncing data between Service Desk Manager and Service Catalog


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The following error appears in jstd.log file when the PDM CATALOG SYNC DAEMON process tries to synchronize data from Service Desk Manager to Service Catalog:

ERROR CatalogServiceProcessor 119 Error synching status to Catalog. Authentication failed


The user set in the casc_user and/or casc_user_password option is in incorrect


Service Desk Manager (SDM) 14.1 and laterService Catalog (SC) 14.1 and later


1) Log into Service Desk Manager as Administrator user (ex: ServiceDesk)

2) Go to Administration > Options Manager > CA Service Catalog

3) Edit the casc_user and casc_user_password to right user and password. The default user set for casc_user is CASMAdmin

It's recommended to test the values set to casc_user and casc_user_password by logging to Catalog and EEM with this user.


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