How do I obtain all pre and co requisites which may be required in order to apply a specific fix


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  • Often, a specific PTF may require multiple pre and co-requisite PTFs
  • Some, if not all, may not be applied. 
  • The support website does offer the capability to obtain all necessary fixes in a single download
    • Packaged into a single zip file.
  • For illustrative purposes, this document will use Common Services for z/OS r14.1 fix RO78180. 
    • This PTF is the maintenance necessary for compatibility between CA Common Services release 14.1 and z/OS 2.2.
    • RO78180 may require 11 prerequisites if the r14.1 S1401 service level is not installed.  .      


I am attempting to apply a specific fix which requires a number of pre and/or co-requisite PTFs which I do not have applied.  Is it possible to obtain all required maintenance at once without repeated downloads?  


Mainframe product executing in a z/OS environment that requires maintenance an multiple pre and/or co-requisites.  


Use the following procedure to obtain the specfic fix and all pre and co-requisites in one download: 

  • Logon to CA Support Online
  • Click on 'Download Management' 
  • On the resulting display,
    • Click on 'Solution Downloads' in the middle of the page
      • The box will turn white
  • Click on 'Download by Solution ID' in yellow above the word "Management"
  • Enter the fix number (ie. RO78180) and click on the magnifying glass in the search box
    • The description and fix number will be displayed
  • Click the blue 'Add All to Cart' box
    • DO NOT click 'Download' at this point
    • Rather, click on the picture of the cart at the top of the page
    • The 'Cart Download' page appears.
    • You'll again see a box with a description of the fix
    • Below the box, there is a descriptive statement followed by
      • Do you want a compete package for all?  
    • Make sure the button below the question is green with a checkmark
    • If grayed out with an X, move the button to the right to change it to green 
    • Verify/correct your email address and click checkout
  • The 'Cart Download' page appears with
    • Order Number
    • Status
    • Description 
  • Once the status changes to 'Ready' you can choose the desired download option
  • When the download is complete unzip the file and apply the necessary maintenance

Additional Information

As mentioned, this procedure can be used to download any maintenance from CA Support Online that requires pre or co-requiste fixes.

Refer to the CA Support Online Compatibilities Matrix for information on the compatibility of the CA Mainframe Products and different Mainframe Environments.

You can also refer to Technical Document TEC1483297 which describes how to find the matrix itself.  Although this document focuses on determining z/OS compatibility, it can be used to find the necessary maintenance needed for CA Mainframe Products and other OEM software such as z/OS, CICS, DB2, etc. as well as different hardware such as IBM's z12 and z13/z13s machines.