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GTSubset not showing Tree View or table dropdown when connected using Oracle RAC Connection


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Using GT Subset Release 4.0 out of the box, a connection to a two node ORACLE database server using the RAC configuration is made. Connection is valid because one can do a select against a known table name. Connection as the Schema owner is confirmed also because one can see the schema in the database explorer window of GTSubset and also in GTDatamaker using the same credentials. The very strange behavior is demonstrated after the show views is unclicked. There are around 9000 tables or so in the Schema over all.  The schema display goes blank and simply sits there.  By Clicking and unclicking, you can get the display to repaint.


There is an error in the display code.


GTSubset 4.0Oracle RACLarge Number of Tables


A patch was created, provided, and confirmed as working.  Pleases contact Support for the patch or a later version.  Please note that this is in the 4.1 TDM (Test Data Manager) GA Release that was released March 31, 2017.