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Vertica Backup utility exits with error.

[[email protected] ~]$ /opt/vertica/bin/ --task backup --config-file [name_of_config_fil].conf

Error: Unable to launch rsync daemon on backup host: xxxxxx-vm. 

Backup FAILED. 



Run ps -ef  and check if the rsync daemon is in fact running on the host which is reported on the error.If it is running that is the cause of the error. There seems to be a some communication error between Vertica and rsync.


CA Performance Management 2.8 and 3.0


kill the rsync daemon manually with pkill, and then re-initialise Vertica's backup configuration with

/opt/vertica/bin/ --config-file [name_of_config_fil].conf --task init

Start the backup 

/opt/vertica/bin/ --task backup --config-file /Path of the file xxxxxxx.ini