Alarm Enrichment probe in error state after reboot
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Alarm Enrichment probe in error state after reboot


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


alarm_enrichment probe stops working after primary hub machine reboot.


- UIM 8.47- alarm_enrichment v8.42


Release Notes:

NAS 8.43 contains the following fixes:

- alarm_enrichment rule_config file corrupt at system reboot
- alarm2 retry logic improved
- timestamps in NAS_TRANSACTION_SUMMARY on the backend SQL database did not match the entries in the SQLite .db files

This release requires UIM 8.40 or higher. These fixes will be included in UIM 8.5.


1. Download and deploy nas version 8.43.

    ftp://UIMuser:[email protected]/UIM_Probe_Hotfixes/

2. Deactivate nas and AE

3. Add post_max_age to your hub.cfg under the hub section and set it to 60:

    Open the hub probe using raw configure in the hub section add a key called:


    Give it a value of:


    Save it then,

4. Restart the robot watcher service.

5. Make sure these settings exist in the nas.cfg as well:

       lower_memory_usage_threshold_percentage = 0.90

       upper_memory_usage_threshold_percentage = 0.90

       memory_usage_exceeded_threshold = 1

6. Reboot the machine when possible and check to see if the alarm_enrichment probe activates with no issue.

7.  If the problem is not resolved, change the settings in the nas,cfg recommended in step #5 to the following instead:

       lower_memory_usage_threshold_percentage = 0.80

       upper_memory_usage_threshold_percentage = 0.80

       memory_usage_exceeded_threshold = 3

8.  Reboot the machine again if possible.  If a machine reboot is not possible, restart the Nimsoft robot service